Engraving optimization

I have a file that has a lot of engraving in it. I would like to start engraving in the bottom left-hand corner and go line by line bottom to top instead of jumping all over the place.
Bruce Dorworth

I think you should check these settings
If I understand the problem correctly

Are the objects all on one layer or on multiple layers? AFAIK LightBurn cannot engrave multiple layers in one scanning operation (correct me if I’m wrong on this!). I’m assuming that’s because resolution (line interval) can differ per layer.

There is a workaround if you’re only placing objects on multiple layers to have different power settings (to achieve different shades/depths of engraving). Put all objects on one layer, then configure power scaling per object/group to achieve the required power differences.

If it’s jumping all over the place, there’s a decent chance you have ‘Flood fill’ enabled (in the advanced tab). Posting the settings you’re using now would help us understand why it’s bouncing around.

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