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Hey guys,
I am looking for a solution to optimize a workflow.
I created a script to crate 6 different PDFs with my designs and import them into lightburn. If i would print the designs he print time increases by 25% in comparison to 1 design. I know that this is caused by the travel time between the designs, so i am looking for a possibility to set an engrave order to engrave each design separatly. We cant order them by layers, because we are using layers to set different speeds for different detail levels or if we load same designs into lightburn they wouldnt be ordered.

I already looked into the Cut order by Group, but it didn’t seem to affect engraving at all. So i am turning to you guys. Maybe there is someone here who dealt with the same problem?

Thanks in advance

i use the”cut selected” function

select one at a time, quick and easy solution.

We are trying to automate our workflow so we can print 6 designs in one go. Printing only the selected would interrupt the workflow after each design to set it to a new one / import the new design.

Can you post a screenshot of your window here? I’m interested in the layers you’re using so far.

You could use “Order by Priority” and just manually order them by setting the contents of each PDF to the same cut priority value in the Shape Properties window.


Having said that, I’m quite surprised that cutting 6 designs together in one run takes 25% longer than running a single one, assuming your optimizations are set reasonably. Do you have “Reduce Travel Moves” enabled, as shown above? Can you show a screen shot of what you’re trying to cut?

This is an example with 2 designs, the blue lines are the positions for the design.

the Porblem is, that while engraving the black areas, the laser is engraving both designs at once and the travel time between the designs is spiking up the print time.


So just change the layer colors on your 2nd design, and make them have the same properties. Then you can work by layer.

None of the optimization settings will change anything until you change this:

That tells LightBurn to merge all shapes to be filled into a single object. If you choose “Fill groups together” and then group each design it should do what you want.

Blake’s suggestion will work too, but this lets you keep both designs on the same layer.

Thank you,
filling groups together is where the magic happens. This should save us a lot of time!

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