Engraving out of order

Ruida controller (Boss 1420), Lightburn 0.9.23, Mac OS 10.14.6

Attempting to engrave a small text and image set, with all text and graphics grouped and/or welded as normal. Parts of words are engraving, then the job jumps to another part of a different word, then back to finish word one, or an image, etc. Items above the center point of the file engrave first, then items below center engrave. But it’s not engraving all objects along the x axis using a horizontal fill. It seems like it’s engraving in quadrant order (I, II, III, IV).

Changing the order in optimization settings had no effect. I have a Tool layer with framing off, and have the job set to user origin (center). Am I missing something really simple?

Many thanks.

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