Engraving overspill problem

Hi guys any idea on the following …?

I’ve set up 10 x copy’s of the same file to engrave all at once . I’m getting drag lines in certain places . Only done this since upgrading to the newer version of lightburn

What kind of laser / controller? (I don’t recognize “hq1290” in your profile)

Can you tell us:

  • The controller and exact model number of the controller
  • The version of LightBurn you’re using
  • What processor and speed your computer is?
  • Which OS you’re using?

We have a few users getting this intermittently, and we’re trying to figure out why, but haven’t been able to find anything common yet. We also have not been able to reproduce this on any of our hardware.

The controller is a 6445g ruida controller

Computer running it is i78570h at 2.2ghz

Lightburn software 0.9.24

On windows 10

Guys tried new version still having problem . Not everytime but intermittent. Any idea what’s cracking off ?

No, unfortunately - I have yet to be able to reproduce this on our own hardware, and it seems to only affect a handful of users. It’s driving me a bit mad. I’m going to try rewriting the entire way the serial connection works for DSPs.

In the meantime, try this:

  • Run LightBurn
  • Click the ‘Devices’ button
  • Double click your laser
  • Click next to pass the controller selection screen
  • Choose ‘Packet/USB’ as the connection method
  • Click next until it finishes

That uses a different mechanism when connecting, and sends data using a more direct method through the same driver as RDWorks. It’s faster and more stable, but only works on Windows - MacOS doesn’t allow both drivers to work at the same time.

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