Engraving parameters

Is there somewhere that explains what all of the engraving parameters do under machine settings?

The Ruida controller manual is really the only place you’ll find that. I know what many of the settings do, but not all - they’re repeated in LightBurn because they exist in RDWorks and the controller.

Do they have a manual that is not in Chinese?

Sort of? There are a few re-translated versions around, but they vary, and the problem with that is that the content is very technical, so the translator kind of needs to understand the material.

Did you have a specific parameter you’re trying to figure out, or is this just a general curiosity? RDWorksLab’s site has a re-translated one that’s decent: https://rdworkslab.com/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=3507 but many of the really technical bits are still a little dodgy.

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