Engraving photo images onto wood

Is there any capability within Lightburn to revise a jpg image to make it raster laser burn onto wood?

I am considering purchasing an Emblazer and downloaded the trial copy of Lightburn to see what its capabilities are.

It seems very capable of creating graphics and cutting, but raster of grayscale or photo type images seems less obvious. I was able to import a jpg and preview it, but with limited ability to modify results.

What results are you hoping to modify?

You can’t paint on the image, but you can change a number of settings on the image, like contrast, brightness, mid-tone shading (called Gamma), and edge enhancement. You can also choose from grayscale and a variety of dither methods, including halftone and newsprint style shading. Be aware that the preview can’t make dots nearly as small as your laser, so you usually need to zoom in some to see shading changes.

If you select an image, then right-click and choose “Show Properties” you can interact with the various image properties I mentioned and see the change on screen.

I played around with the settings of the photograph that you suggested and can see that they impact the preview significantly.

But I don’t wee where the dither and grayscale options are shown? Is this in the laser setup or the software. I know that in Adobe you have to choose between cutting and dither patterns.

Are there tutorial videos for Lightburn I should be viewing first?

When putting an image onto wood like birch plywood, I have heard that I should start with the revese image. I have black and white image and if the white is burned more it may show the lighter layer of plywood underneath?

No, do not invert the image for plywood. The dither and greyscale options are in the cut settings window.

Here is our master list on YouTube:

And our new documentation, currently under construction: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/index.html

Both great resources to help. :slight_smile:

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