Engraving Photos containing people

I’ve been working on engraving in wood photos which include people. My problem is getting reproduceable flesh tones (in gray scale). It usually takes me 3-4 tries to get just the right light gray for the flesh tones to appear with the right levels of dither. To achieve variations within the photo I use Photo Shop Elements (Lightburn only adjusts overall photo characteristics but not individual locations (i.e. subject faces alone)… Each different photo I do requires experimentation.and trial and error, first in Photoshop Elements, then running in Lightburn, looping back to either lighten or darken the particular subject’s flesh tone in Elements … (ad infinitum it seems). My question: is there a software which will allow me to load two different photos, one from a photo I’ve gray balanced for flesh tone (gray) and one that I’m trying to get balanced. Once loaded the software can be directed to read the gray level on the good photo’s people faces and transfer it to a specific location (people’s faces) on the photo I’m trying to balance?

Each machine is different. Lasers for all practical purposes are like a newspaper where it lases or doesn’t lase. If your using a dither, then it’s not a grayscale it’s dithered pattern to imitate a gray scale.

Every laser is different, as is every piece of material. There is no software that can handle all of the unknowns or we’d all have it…

I use Gimp to dodge/burn areas that are problematic, but I have found most everything else is handled very well from within Lightburn…

I’d suggest you’d get a lot out of the Laser Everything video on photo engraving. They do it on a fibre but it’s the same procedure for no matter what laser or material… Worth a watch… what it teaches will be applicable for life.

There are some great examples of this around this site…

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