Engraving Problem for the fonts letters

Hi everyone!

A little problem appears where i can not find a solution.
I am transferring a wall sign with simple name from CorelDraw 2019 to LightBurn all as vectors, some name and the cutting of the sign.
I am choosing to engrave ,Fill’’ the name and cut ,Line’’ the outline.
All works perfect, till the moment i am transferring 2 signs with names, choosing ,cut selected graphic’’ and the engraving are not performed at all. I am choosing only one of the engraving from the both names, no performing again to the machine.
Shows downloading some file, but no preview on the machine, no start, nothing, no any engraving.

The names above are fonts, letters, when i making them from letters to curves, all above works well.
With choosing ,cut selected graphic’’ engraving of fonts it is not possible.

Thank you in advance.

Actually, i found the solution, which is very strange.
When i transfer simple writing, font letters, a duplicate lines appears.
With Alt+D i have to remove this duplicate lines and all works then.

The LightBurn itself makes duplicate lines, when i am not sure, or around the transfer, or during the sending to the machine.

During the transferring from CorelDraw 2019 to LightBurn of the font letters, duplicate lines appears, which has to be removed right after the transferring.

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