Engraving problems ( blurred image)

we have made several trials using “Orange A 60W Laser Engraving Machine with RDC644XG-A controller” and the result is not satisfactory when using Fill option. I attached some photos as a result with diferent parameters (speed from 100 to 300); Power ( 20-40) but the outcome is similar in the end. Could anyone help us? we are not sure either is a technical or compatibility problem with the software.

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try to decrease the acceleration in X axis, or lower the X axis jerk value. This value should be tuned directly at the machine, it’s not about layer control values in LightBurn.

If your machine has belts… I say they need to be tightened.

This looks like the belt tension on your machine is incorrect, as others have said. 100 mm/sec should not be showing significant offsets like that. Once you have it as good as you can get by adjusting the belt tension, you can use the Scanning Offset Adjust table in LightBurn to improve it from there:

Thank you all for your answers. I adjusted the belt and I change some parameters such as acceleration in X axis but still the result is the same. I made some trials filling a square of 10x10 mm obtaining 15 mm in X axis, and when fixing 10x20 it resulted in 30 mm … it seems that the longitudinal distance is being increased by 50% . Does anyone know how can I solve this problem? I checked the configuration skills but I cannot find the key.

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Draw a 100mm square in LightBurn, close to the origin. Run it in ‘Line’ mode on the machine.

Go to Edit > Machine Settings, then click ‘Calibrate Axis’ at the bottom, enter the size you requested and the size you measured from the output, and the software will compute the corrected step lengths for the machine.

By calibrating the x Axis in the Machine settings, the mentioned issue was solved. But I still have the problem when filling (see attached file as a sample) . In this particular case it seems that there is no problem at first ( bottom of the letter is ok) and then it goes off the line.

That looks like you have something loose in the parts of the machine moving the X axis, possibly even the lens.

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