Engraving pulling to left

So my laser is working fine, apart from when i have an array of images and i want to engrave them.

Singularly it works fine, if i change the setting to “fill groups together” it will work fine, however if the setting is “fill all shapes at once” the engraving (text) all pulls to the left.

Any ideas on how to solve this? I cant see it being the acceleration due to it working fine on a single piece.

Could you please clarify what is your machine

Seems something in your hardware is forcing or slipping the belt when you have a long traverse

does this only happen on images? or also vectors?

Epilog Legend, only on images not on vectors.
It will engrave singularly anywhere on the bed, just doesnt want to do it on an array across the whole bed space if that makes sense.

mmm interesting

firstly i didn tknow epilogs could be run on lightburn

Try this for me, reduce speed and power by 75%
And run the multi again
This will tell us if speed is making the hardware slip (as we know lenght is already part of the problem)

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