Engraving sandstone

Anyone tried engraving sandstone for like coasters?

I wonder if something washable could be applied so they come out like the Norton white tile thing? Then rinsed off so the sandstone could absorb condensation?

I asked this question on the created with Lightburn FB group and got kicked off because I was asking for support and/or settings. Don’t think I was asking either. Bunch of butt hurt snowflakes over there!!

“Created With LightBurn”, as the name suggests and the rules for joining very clearly state, is for showing off finished work. It’s like the opposite of Jeopardy - If your post was in the form of a question it would be rejected.

If removing your post for not following the same rules everyone else is required to makes me a butt hurt snowflake, then I guess I’m guilty as charged.

To join that group, you have to answer this:

And the pinned post at the top is this:

And now I see the lovely message you sent to my moderator, who was simply doing the job he was asked to do. Apologize for that or you’ll be removed from here as well.


Have you seen my new FB page yet? Lightburn: Who needs it?

I do.

It’s the best production software for laser engraver/cutters on the planet.

Unless you have something better?

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He thinks picengrave is better…lol

Picengrave is a great post processor for my cnc and i have used laser grbl but nothing compares to Lightburn.

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He’s been suspended permanently. He posted a question on ‘Created with LightBurn’ which was removed. Then he posted again, asking why it was removed and got a simple, factual answer. He then PM’d the mod with a bunch of verbal abuse, swearing, and insults. Then came here to double down.

This is the second user today who’s been completely belligerent and abusive with basically no lead-up. I don’t know if it’s holiday stress + being cooped up from the pandemic, but I’ve noticed a number of online discussions today devolving into name calling much faster than usual.

I can handle a bad mood, but there has to be a line.


There is a free CAD/CAM software that a user was having issues with and totally had a tantrum because the programmer was not able to solve his issues. He ended his tirade with, “I am not going to use your software anymore!”

I am sure that really hurt the author’s bottom line and feelings, NOT!

[quote=“LightBurn, post:8, topic:28735, full:true”] I can handle a bad mood, but there has to be a line.

I’m living proof of your and @Rick’s forbearance :slight_smile:


Sadly, it probably did hurt the author’s feelings. People who give away their hard work to others are rarely doing it for selfish reasons. They’re giving, caring people and they generally care what others think.

This leads less ethical people to abuse that situation and demand things in various ways.


Every once in a rare while we see someone like this who feels bizarrely entitled, like the rules we set for others somehow don’t apply to them. This user went out of his way to insult our moderator (swearing, vulgar insults) simply for removing a post that broke the rules. When we informed him this is why the post was removed, he created an entire Facebook page to denounce LightBurn.

I can’t imagine what a sad and boring life this person must lead, that our simple act of removing his rule-breaking post has given him new purpose in life. It’s kind of fascinating.

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I would say that it is a very sad thing, but probably not so unusual today if you look around on a larger scale. Acceptance and respect of community norms and defenses, and last but not least, a polite manner of speaking are sometimes no longer standard. Your reaction and explanation were completely correct.
With best regards


just joined that group :wink: ohh i see nice stickers in the banner, you think i can get some after i purchase my license (…to burn :smiley: )?