Engraving Skipping and Project Errors - HELP!

Recently my laser engraver has been making errors that are ruining product. I’ll send something to engrave from Lightburn and when it engraves, it will skip around and improperly engrave. I cant tell if this is a Driver issue,USB, Software, Or machine error. Has anybody dealt with this before?

thank you!

Which OS, controller in your CamFive, and version of LightBurn? Let’s start with this. :slight_smile:

For clarity, are you using the ‘Start’ or the ‘Send’ button?

Windows 10, Ruida 644XG, lightburn version 0.9.24

When i click start and let something engrave this issue has been happening.

It never used to do this, its a new issue.

For example, i just tried to run the machine and the attached image is the result

Please review and provide the same if you will.

tl;dr: need exact model number from sticker on control box and firmware version when you can. Thanks, :slight_smile:

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