Engraving slate coaster

Hi I am new to lasers trying to engrave a slate coaster it will engrave but then it will go back over it and fill everything in I have it on fill

Don’t quite understand, it is engraving twice?

Yeah I’m at a loss to

Can you provide file and paste cut/layer window?

Does it do this when you run the preview?

Yes will send more pics and yes it does it in the preview the only way it doesn’t is when I choose line instead of fill

Sorry for the late reply I have stage 4 cancer and fell asleep early last night will send soon

I think I figured it out changed from fill to line it has a light line around the image but i think that’s where I put the square on it will take that off see how it does with just the image


Sorry to step in.
If you select both square and image and then click the bullseye icon your shapes get centered each other.

With the square set to fill it will fill the entire square. If you wanted to do a frame a second square would be needed just inside or outside on the same layer. Next time set the square to a tool layer T1 or T2 if you need it for a reference point.

Thanks everyone for your help I appreciate it

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