Engraving Slate with Sculpfun

Guys, please help.
Just recently joined and have Sculpfun S30 pro 10w.
Was trying to engrave slate. Found it very hard at the beginning. Settings all over the place as there are so many different opinions.
Saw big improvements lately with trial and error. More error!
My latest settings were 1500/35 on fill.
I would still like to get it a bit sharper on the edges.
Any ideas, opinions I can start with.
Just using old roof slate to practice at present so perhaps not the best material!!
Thanks in advance

It’s like you already found out—you need to test. Do test grids to get the perfect settings, but 1500/35 seems a good start. You might get up to 2500…
Regarding the edges, you can add another layer or sub layer, that is only doing the outline…

See here for more recommendations on settings: Settings guide - Diode Laser Wiki

Try using the built in laser tools → materials test.

It’s a much easier approach…

I don’t use a hobby type led too much anymore…