Engraving speed settings. Lead in and lead out overcutting

New to engraving but have been cutting for a few years . Pictured is an issues that appears to be scanning speed related and I am not sure what its called to try and search out the answer? I imagine there is a setting in Ruida or LB to compensate for the scan speed vs. the laser firing time? The engraving shown in the photo was run at a high speed. As I lower the speed the issues gets better but I have to bring it below 100mm/s before it gets close to what we want and that seems much slower than most examples I can find. Still, once the speed is that low there is a bit of a step in and out at the entrance and exit that is close to half of the actual engraving depth. You can see it the photo. This over run is making the cut larger than it is supposed to be. Actual engraving is

1"x.75" in Photo and shown by the darker outline.

It’s probably backlash, it usually gets worse at higher scan speeds…

Suggest you ‘fill’ a small box with a large lpi. You can see the backlash more easily with more room between scans.

Lightburn refers to it as ‘scanning offset’ and is in “Edit → Device Settings”

Good luck


Thank you! Sometime the hardest part is learning what the problem is called so you can find the solution. After a found this articles it all made sense. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

This helped me understand LINE SHIFT and INITIAL OFFSET which are the 2 adjustment under Scanning Offset Adjustment

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