Engraving Stainless Steel with 5 watt Diode

Engraving image on one of my Cabinet Scrapers
Opt Lasers
PLH3D_HT-50 (5 watt diode)
No metal prep
Opt Lasers PLH3D-XT-50 (5 watt diode) 30 x 40 micron beam
Extremely high Laser Fluence


What does that mean?

Laser fluence describes the energy delivered per unit (or effective) area . Within the community of laser scientists and technicians, it is very common to define fluence in units of J/cm2.


If I recall, this 5W laser module is about $800 US…?

@Bulldog work, as always is incredible…


@jkwilborn Thank you
yes $1000 CA

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So for the same power and exposure time, more fluence in the left cut profile?


@TravisGood Ahhh

That is really neat.

Yes, it’s a simple demonstration of what I’d call “intensity” or how concentrated the laser beam power is. This visual representation was my way of asking if this is what “fluence” meant? Fluence wasn’t a word I was familiar with yet you produced such remarkable results with “Extremely High Laser Fluence”.

If my image was a poor way of asking then just ignore it.

In any case, your results are impressive.

excellence visual :+1:
I wasnt wearing my glasses when first looking at it

In heating, we use W/cm2 as unit for “power density”
A high J/cm2 can be obtained by applying a certain power density over a long time…I think the laser you describe has an extremely well focused beam resulting in a very high W/cm2

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Yes it does
High precision lens with true optical power 5 watts at 30 x 40 microns
Laser and Lens hand Crafted in Poland

Can be done but how long did it take to etch :wink:
Sure you can engrave to steel and even some color with a diode. But it takes a looooooooooong time.
Did i say loooooooooooooong :grin:

Thank you for the encouraging comments


So mutch you can with the diode. It only is slower
Owell slower i belive aromstack has a 70 watt optical diode