Engraving stainless steel

I spray my stainless steel with cermark and trying to do everything right but my laser is still not making a mark on it… it’s a 20w laser. 100% power and little speed, etc…

Just went over to their site in the technical area and it appears they use CO2 lasers. At least that’s what they reference. The wavelength of a laser is important as it determines what materials it will excite.

Never heard of your particular laser, a “Love7533” type. I’m assuming a solid state laser, with 20 watts input power and probably around 2 maybe 3 watts out. If you’re trying to heat stainless, I doubt you can get it hot enough for it to bond properly.

When you post questions, especially with lasers and performance, this type of information isn’t very useful.

Drop Cermark tech support a note and ask them, even if the can was free. :slight_smile:

We’d all like to know too :smiley_cat:

Good luck :slight_smile:

To bond Cermark to stainless steel, I need to use 75% power from my 40W(33W) CO2 K40. I don’t think you’ll have any success with a diode laser.

I have a atomstack 5 20w

It did say it will engrave stainless steel

Saying it will and if it actually will are two different things. I have the AtomStack A5 “pro” and even if it can, you need a lot of practice to get it right.

Cermark calls their product “metal marking materials” they do not claim to engrave.
The coating bonds to the metal as Tim advised. The metal must be heated along with the bonding material.

Tim advised he used a CO2 (measured in output power) at about 25 watts. You laser is measured by input power and conversion is at best 20% but mine have all been just over 10% of the input power. If you get 4 watts out you are probably doing well. Short life for the diode. :frowning:

So you have less than 1/5 the power he used. Tim got good results for lower power (relative to the sites recommendations).
It’s also feasible that the frequency of you laser doesn’t excite the bonding product.

From their page

Preliminary testing shows many customers should be able to mark stainless steel with their laser system set at 100% marking speed with only needing as little as 40 watts of CO2 power.

All of their product seem to refer to CO2 lasers.

Sorry, but before you give up… Send them an email and ask… I think you paid the money…

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Hmmmm, so frustrating:/ thanks for the input

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