Engraving stamps settings

Hello i am completely new here so im not sure if this is the correct section to add this topic.
I recently purchased a laser named NejeMaster 2 (20watt Edition) and i am trying to print out rubber stamps using the rubber sheets everyone is using but i cant really get the settings right.
So what i am trying to do is burn 1mm depth in the rubber sheet around the letters then i can cut out the stamp and stick it under a wooden stamp holder.
So far i have an issue cause it seems that the only way to burn deep enough is to use a lot of laser power and make the laser go very slow but this pretty much destroys the letters so im kinda stuck.
I have added a photo showing what im trying to do and also a link to a video showing a different laser doing what im trying to do.
Video Link : DW-3040B Stamp making machine co2 laser engraving machine easy to adjust the focus distance - YouTubeimage_2021_03_04T11_01_47_117Z
Could someone please guide me a little using lightburn?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you are aware the video you reference is a CO2 laser. They live in a completely different league than a diode laser (Your Neje).

You don’t reference exactly what material you are using. There are many different kinds of rubber out there.

It sounds as though your laser is able to remove material, just not as deep as you would like in one pass for your final product. Have you tried doing multiple passes (Taking a little off at a time) to get to your final depth? Also have you looked into an air assist. Rubber makes a lot of smoke. Smoke robs a lot of energy from your laser beam before it ever gets to the surface you are trying to cut.

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