Engraving stops mid job

I have an Atomstack A5+ with a Makerbase TS35-R V2.0 controller. On bigger jobs (which is only the only type I try to run), after a while (perhaps an hour or so, but a bit irregular), it just shuts of the laser and stops moving. The software is unresponsive, it just says “Busy” and the “Stop” and “Pause” buttons don’t work. I have to stop the laser with the on/off button or pull the USB-wire. I have tried with two different versions of LightBurn (1.2 and 1.4) and two different computers, using all serial ports. Everything runs in a very cool space, around 5C. I am cutting 3 mm plywood. I am wasting a lot of plywood now, as the cut needs to be very precise and restarting to finish the rest of the job is generall not an option, because the tolerance of the cut is <0.5 mm for the intended use. What would be the most likely cause of this behaviour, and how can I fix and troubleshoot more?

This problem, was solved by “grounding” the Makerbase controller to the frame of the laser engraver.

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