Engraving tempered glass

Can tempered glass be safely engraved?

From what I heard it is difficult to find the right settings since putting it too low won´t leave a mark but setting it too high could damage the glass and make it shatter a bit. Never tried it though.

“Make it shatter a bit.” That’s somewhat amusing, as tempered glass shatters all at once and is often a surprise to the operator, bystander, etc.

:sweat_smile: what I ment was that in the excamples that I saw, the lines it made sometimes were ´coarse´ because the glass got too hot and shattered just a little. It didn´t explode but it didn´t look nice eiter. This was done with the back glass of a phone.

I think I knew what you meant, but it’s a funny aspect of the language that lets me comment. I think there is a difference between tempered phone glass and tempered “general” glass. I have a dead obsolete iPhone that has a glass back and I’ll keep this conversation in mind when I make some tests on it.

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