Engraving time changed since last update

I have something very strange going on since the last update of lightburn. I have a simple fill layer at 100 mm x 23 power. I use this setting on MDF to engrave. I am switching to leather and I typically use 300 mm x 17 power. the 100/23 for my project is 8:37. When switching to 300/17 it goes to 12:12. Something for sure not right. Any ideas?

Oz posted a perfect description of what is happening here a while back. This post was as follows:

Drive 10 feet, at 5 miles an hour, but include the amount of space you need on either side to speed up and slow down. Most cars can accelerate to 5 mph in well under a second, and braking from that speed is nearly instant. The actual 10 feet also goes by pretty quick, since it’s only about 2 thousandths of a mile, so it takes about 1.35 seconds, plus the bit on either side.

Drive that same 10 feet, now at 100 miles per hour, and again, include the space you need on either side to get UP to 100, and back down again. The current fastest production car in the world, a Tesla Model S Plaid, will go 0 to 100 in 4.3 seconds, and braking time from 100 to 0 is about 4.5 seconds. The 10 feet goes by in an eyeblink, but the acceleration and deceleration time means that it takes almost 9 seconds in total from 0 to 100 to 0 again, and that’s excluding the driving time.

If we change the distance from 10 feet to a mile, things look a lot different - Now it absolutely makes sense to drive faster, because 1 mile at 5mph takes 1/5th of an hour, or 12 minutes, and you cover that same distance takes 36 seconds at 100 mph.

Most people assuming “faster engraving takes less time”, which can be true, but isn’t always. You have to be covering enough distance to make it worth getting up to speed.


Thank you, that makes total sense as this is only 4" x 6" for 1 up.

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