Engraving time on ortur master 2 pro

Am new to lightburn and so far am making baby step progress. I have an issue with the time my projects take. I am now comfortable with the speed and power which I prefer on wood ( 900/80). However these burns take me forever for simple wording🤦‍♀️. .about 3 hours for something as simple as happy birthday. What am I doing wrong with regards to speed?

Are you burning image or vector objects? Images tend to take longer because of how much fill space but any fill operation will inherently take a long time. Especially with a diode laser as these types of lasers move slower due to lower power and higher mass of the laser head.

Things that can affect overall burn time:

  1. size of work piece
  2. burn operation
  3. burn optimization settings
  4. “empty” space - if you’re spending a lot of travel time on non-burn portions
  5. burn scan angle

You can experiment with changing some settings to tweak these for your needs.

If you’re looking for feedback on a specific file post it here and someone I’m sure will help out.

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