Engraving tin lids (Ball jar lids)

(Quinton Van Graan ) #1

Hi folk … can anyone advise how to engrave on a Ball canning jar lids? Looks a little like a nickel plated finish, not sure.

(Hank Morgan) #2

I have no idea the answer to your question. But I’m curious why?

If you are trying to “pre-label” canning lids to be used to actually can food it may not work because I’ll bet if you put enough power in to the lid to make a good mark on the outside then the coating on the inside of the lid becomes damaged. Just a guess.

Interesting question though. Wife & I can loads of food every year. Laser engraving lids would be interesting, but I don’t think the inner coating would survive the heat.

(Quinton Van Graan ) #3

We are wanting to label for food as well … didn’t consider the heat, but I think a low power pass wouldn’t damage it. Will try a marking paint

(Chris Wright) #4

You could try Cermark but that is too rich for my blood. I have had pretty good success with Dry Moly spray lube for marking metals. Here is a video that might give you some ideas.

(HN) #5

I have not tried this but you could always make a mark with a black sharpie then laser the area removing some of the sharpie to reveal the lid below.

(Scott Howell) #6

To clarify, marking an area with permanent marker then engraving thru the marked area the text… nice! I like the idea…

(HN) #7

Yes. Thanks for clarifying.