Engraving using Neje Master 2S

Hi ! Need advice please. I’m using Lightburn with Neje Master 2S & engraving setting for Neje is Speed :10, Power :100. It work well if I do engraving on Leather material but have to do 2 to 3 passes using “Line”. Unfortunately I cannot engrave on Manila paper, thin plywood . To confirm tha the Neje unit is working I tested my engraving on the Neje unit and it work well. Can anyone advice what I have to do on Lightburn software to make it work the way it should. Thank you.

please confirm that you are engraving in mm/minute.

then confirm the PWM scale setting S=

and make sure that your value for S matches the number in the laser engraver.

To get the settings information out of the engraver open the Console window and type the following:
then hit enter.
Copy and paste this information in a reply here so we can confirm your setting. :slight_smile:

Thank you John . Setting earlier was mm/sec thats meant for CO2 machine. I have set it to mm/min and is now working well. I can adjust the speed and power to fit the material I am engraving. I now have to start re-set all my work files and and also the speed and power suitable for engraving leather, plywood or other material. With the new adjustments I can try to do cutting of thin plywood etc. Thank you again, you have made my day.