Engraving with Ender 3 Pro - 0,5W laser head

Hello everyone!
I’m new to engraving with laser and starting to use LightBurn software.

I have a classic 3D printer Creality Ender 3 Pro, but i bought an upgrade with a laser head 0,5W. It’s not too strong but for now it’s enough and pretty fun to work with.
At start i tried to use the basic Creality Workshop for engraving but wow, the program is sooo bad. Then i found LB and i love it.

Here are some of my creations, not the best but I’m satisfied with the result for now. I use birch wood (15x15x0,5cm) or 2 color plastic sheets.

Now I’m trying to find some good settings for engraving photos.

For everyone, if you have the same laser setup and struggling with engraving, let me know, together we can find the best settings :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Lightburn forum. I have to congratulate you on the splendid work you have posted. I have been a member here for quite some time and still consider myself a beginner. There is so much to learn about this subject I don’t think I will ever be able to say I don’t find something new every day. This is a great place to learn all about lasers, and the members here are always willing to jump in and held with any problems that you come up against.
What part of the word are you from?. I’m in the UK and getting on in years. Took up lasering as an addition to my main hobby woodturning.
Nice to have you onboard, keep posting your creations.

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Every day i find some new thing or function in LB, so I’m experimenting a lot. But I really like it. I’m from Czech.
Originally I bought it for the engraving of the background for my panel, but now I have a lot of wooden sheets so I’m playing with wood now. I’m still trying to find a good setting for photos, but it looks like I can’t use one universal :smiley: every picture needs a different setting.

Now I’m fighting with this

GREAT work Jakub!! Not too bad for a beginner. Very impressive.

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Great work indeed :).

Goes to show that it’s not the power or the machine that matters, rather what one does with it.
I assume that those designs do take a sweet while to complete, but what’s the hurry anyway ;).


what kind of controller is that? does it modulate power?

Its main board from Creality Ender 3 Pro (for example Creality 4.2.7, 32-bit). Connection is via connector for the fan (originally in the 3D printer), modulation of laser power using PWM.

for example, this result surprised me


Please could you give some hint about engraving speed. I expect that you use “full power” 0.5W. It seems that there is very narrow area between wood is grayed (or browned) and wood is intact. The only way to get more levels/tones seems to use dithering,

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If it’s an Ender it’s probably running Marlin (gcode).

These engraves are absolutely lovely! Well done! And I love your control board. Great to see an Ender being repurposed too. :smiling_face:

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Yes I didn’t use 3D print few years already, and I r ally like this laser engraver upgrade. The combination of Ender board (gcode) and LB is amazing.

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