Engraving work area

Can someone point me the part of Lightburn that tells me how to keep the laser within a specific area. I have wood sheets that are 11" X 11" and I want to keep the framing within 1/8" of the edges.

I hope I have explained this correctly, the photo still has to be adjusted.

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If I have understood you correctly, you can just write “+ the value you want” in the X and Y field.
(use the buttons from picture no. 2 first to get your train in “0:0”)

…in my example I use millimeters

The problem I see is that the image isn’t a vector. The engraving process will engrave the width of the lines in the image and will run back and forth over the white space.

If you’re feeling like learning the next expert thing, you may want to Centerline Trace the images in inkscape and convert them into vectors.

After this is converted into vectors your laser will follow only the lines in the art and not the whitespace.

If I rotate the tilted one 2 degrees clockwise, crop them fairly hard and rescale them they come out around 275 mm x 275mm which is just shy of your 11 inch squares.

When I try to use ink space I get the pattern unto the screen but it is either over or under abackground which I am struggling to remove .
I thank all of you for your help .

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