Enhance radius / enhance amount on macOS Monterey and M1 MBP 14 Max not useable

Hey guys,

i am heavy struggling to use the enhance radius / enhance amount feature in the adjust image option. I think my hardware power should be enough, because i have the maxed out version of the new M1 MBP.

When i use it and only raise the amount or radius just a little bit, i will always having a beachball running and it takes a lot of time the system will show a result.

The program is lagging as hell and the feature is so important for me, when it is coming to burn an image.

Are there any solutions for this? I think i am not the only one having this problem, but on every YT videos for PC it runs very smooth.

Any help is much appreciate

Are you willing to share your LightBurn File?

I am curious to see how many nodes are involved and how large the file is.
I might be able to borrow my brother’s M1 to test this.

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