Enlarging the working perimeter from software to machine

In the software, it is measured for the exact workable area in the bed of the laser. When the work is sent to the laser, it will not use all of the workable area, but cuts or etches short of the area. Is there a way for programming the actual machine to utilize the actual maximum of the bed ability?

Your Working Size, in Device Settings, should match the actual work area of your laser.
Open Edit->Device Settings, you’ll see Working Size right under the Basic Settings tab.

If this doesn’t solve the problem then the problem is most likely your system setup. You need to make sure that ‘Home’ value is set to where your laser hardware switches are located. How you do this should be in your laser system’s manual.

The size of the bed (honeycomb) of the laser is completely irrelevant - the safe limits for travel of each axis are the important part. If your laser can travel further away from the homing switches than it is currently set to allow, you can increase the axis travel limits in Edit > Machine Settings.

If you do this, be very careful, as they are usually set correctly by the manufacturer so that the machine has room to slow to a stop before crashing into the frame if it ever exceeds this.

I have a big problem now that I started changed the settings. I did a 3" x 3" square and ran it. It measured 4.125" x 6.75". Now, I don’t know what to do with the numbers after I did the division getting 1.375 x 2.25. When I tried entering it, it gave an error saying that it exceeds the calculations available and if I wanted to do it anyway. I did and it framed it. It only made a line and went back to the origin. Can someone help?

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