Epilog / Ruida Controller Conversion (Laser Cutting Issue)

Hi All,

Sorry, I am not sure what category I should list this in.

I’m working on converting an old Epilog Legend 32EX with a 120 Watt RF Laser Tube using a Ruida 6445G controller and of course Lightburn. It’s been a long process but I am finally at the point of Engraving and Cutting and I am having some issues with the cutting and was wondering if this is a setting issue or perhaps an issue with my Coherent GEM 100A that originally came with the laser.

Basically I have a simple cutting file of some rectangles and a circle. I’ve set the cutting files with the following settings using a fixed speed of 1" or 25 mm/sec and a min power of 5% starting with a max power of 20% and rerunning the file multiple times but changing the max power all the way up to 90%.

at 20% up till about 45%, the cut becomes deeper and deeper (at 45%, it cuts cleanly through 1/8" hardboard), but as I increase the power further, power starts falling off and at 60% the laser starts dithering which is really pronounced by 80%.

Can this somehow be related to some acceleration or start speed setting, or is m RF laser on its way out. The laser is tube is pretty old, was last serviced in 2012. Here are some pics, sorry, they are not in any real order, the center number indicates the max % power and everything else stays the same (1" per sec and 5% min power).

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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