Eport of DXF file from lightburn is altered

I had updated Lightburn this morning 12-19. I was exporting this file as a DXF like always and when I imported it into my CNC software, the design was altered. Lines are very jagged. Fonts are horrible and not straight like they should be. This always worked before without any isuues, and now all files are bad when exporting as a DXF. Please advise.

This looks very similar to the problem that someone else reported very recently. We concluded that it was a bug that was affecting LB on Mac as I was able to export without any such issue (I’m on Win 10). However, it looks like you’re also on Win 10 so that scuppers that theory. Are you able to upload your LB file for me to try it on my system?

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I can in the morning. I am away from office now.

Ok, it’s late here so I’m off to bed. Night night!

Thank you much, good night.

I have been sending files back and forth with Lightburn. Hope to have it maybe fixed this week. Having to export into another computer with Lightburn older version AI. file then export as DXF.

It sounds like LB are on the case so that’s good news.

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