Epoxy engraving

I am casting items made from a mixture of epoxy and acrylic paint. The process for engraving is working well, in that the image is coming out clear. The problem is that the epoxy is simply being “scratched” off, and not turning a darker color as would happen if this were wood. Can anyone recommend a product that would work well with epoxy to achieve the desired results? A picture of a similar product (made from epoxy) is attached. TIA!

Mask it with tape, laser the image through the tape, shoot some spray paint on it, remove the tape.
There’s probably a lot of other ways too.

The inverse also might work, depending on the background. Spray or coat the entire item, then laser off the paint to expose the underlying color. One could use a pigmented epoxy or acrylic and apply a second layer, then cut through it for a similar result.

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