erase, cut part of the line

erase, cut part of the line
Is it possible to cut a circle, a square or an ellipse, that is, a part of a line, or to delete or cut only a part of a whole linear shape in the LIGHTBURD program? I did not see this feature. If so, how is it done?

I don’t know if I got it correctly, but you can

  • use node edit tools to add, delete, move nodes of a shape
  • use the cut shapes tool to cut out a shape of another.

Short answer is, “yes”. Line segments that cross can trimmed using “t”, or the Boolean operations (like weld or subtract). Sadly, trim doesn’t seem to automatically join the ends, but it’s easy enough to drag and snap them together. I just did some stars this way yesterday. 5 straight lines, like a primary school kid would draw one, then trimmed the pentagram out of the center, then snapped the ends together to form a closed shape.

If you don’t have intersecting line segments (like turning a O into a C), you use node edit. Add nodes (i), break lines at nodes (b), and/or delete segments between nodes (d).

Hover your cursor over the different tool icons to get helpful tips. Experiment and use undo (Ctrl+z) liberally.

In which menu is the cutting shapes tool?

Cut Shapes is in the Tools Menu.

The Edit Nodes tool is on the toolbar on the left.

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