Erase part of a letter to make it a stencil

Hello, im trying to cut an “ O “ in half and cut out the sides so the middle remains. Cant for the life of me figure it out and cant find any solutions. I can do it in all my other programs but cant seem to find the process in Lb, any help much appreciated

Truth be told, I’ve just done it twice and im not exactly sure how i did it

If you’re starting with a typed letter O in a particular font:

  • select it
  • Edit → Convert to Path

Then draw an overlapping rectangle on the section of the O you don’t want:

  • select the O
  • shift-select the rectangle
  • Boolean Subtract

What’s left will be the O without whatever was inside the rectangle.

If that doesn’t do it, put up some pix to show what you have and what you want!

Thank you!

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