Eraser Tool Addition

We need an eraser as so many have been asking for. This would make things so simple for your customers.

The way you must go about removing a simple line is do cumbersome and requires additional programs.

I ca use Silhouette
to help, but why don’t we have a all in one.

Hi Jody,

There are tools within LightBurn that you might not be aware of that can likely perform the tasks you’re after. The Boolean tools give trim-like features, you can read more about those HERE - and the Node Edit tool gives you an enormous amount of control over lines as well Edit Node Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation

If neither of those options are satisfactory, we’d welcome you to post your feature request over on, which we use to determine which features to work on next.

…mark the line and delete it, either with “D” or the delete button, what are you missing?

New hole, your edit nodes is the best option…Guess I failed to explain this enough…I have a file I picked up from web…I traced it and need to change one part to make the connection hole larger so it will not be so fragile… While you can use the edit nodes it can be difficult to obtain a perfect circle…Wouldn’t it be so easy to click on an eraser and erase the section you wanted without having to delete the entire lines….Also select the circle and make a perfect circle……Here is a pic of what I’m speaking of…

An eraser like in graphics programs will of course be very smart. But for drawings with connected lines and nodes, it’s more complex to do, I think.

For the type of tasks you describe, I use nodes processing. I hold the “Shift” key and the left mouse key down and select as many notes as possible, then I press “D”. It comes close to an eraser :wink:

Can you explain a little more what you mean by cycle problem, I didn’t really catch that.

Sorry typo I didn’t catch a circle

Could you use some of what I wrote?

I can. Thank you. I was hoping Lightburn would make this process simpler.

This is actually trivial to do already.

Draw a circle where you want the new, larger hole to be:

Duplicate it, and make the duplicate smaller, for the inner hole:

Select the outer hole and Shift+Select the part of the ornament you want to fuse it to:

Then click the Boolean Union button (or hold Alt and press +):

If you want to get tricky, group the two parts of the ornament, so both the inner and outer lines are a single group, then union that group with the outer circle, and it’ll do this:

Notice the highlighted bit where the new circle was also fused to the inner part, making the entire hole connection area larger and stronger.

Then, just select and delete the original inner hole shape and you’re done.


I’m not saying that we’ll never have a freehand eraser tool - It’s planned, and we will - but there are often other ways to do things that are just as fast (or faster) with the tools we already have.


. You taught me something I didn’t know about your program.

Still feel an eraser tool is needed


It makes me happy. But it’s “our” program not mine :wink:


Sorry - drew a similar shape and tried this technique and the Boolean Union didn’t do anything. Boolean Union works fine for combining shapes but will not join a simple shape to a simple line for me.

Boolean operations can only work with closed shapes.

Thanks - of course that’s the problem. I had only constructed the corner of the example. So this technique isn’t really a substitute for an eraser tool. We look forward to one, as and when the guys can do it. :blush:

Does ‘Cut Shapes’ not work for you? That works on lines or closed shapes.

Yes it works - nice feature :blush:

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I’m going to have to look into this? I don’t remember seeing anything about cut shapes. But then again I can not remember much of anything.

Still feel the eraser tool would be a sup[er addition.

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