Eraser tool in Lightburn

Have been working with some image files that i need to laser cut certain areas of the image while leaving others to engrave. Edit Nodes is fine in some instances but a pain to use in this instance. Realize everyone does not have access to PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator but there are other programs to do this also. I put the image into PS and remove very small portions of lines that touch portions I wish to cut. When finished I move the file to AI, do an image trace etc. and save it as an .svg then place the file into LB. I can do whatever I wish to the “line Art” before sending to the laser. I can do a fairly complex image in less than ten minutes with very little fussing around.

Hi Marion, I can’t quite follow you with what you describe. I do all editing in LightBurn even though I have external options. Can you show an example, maybe other eyes see the task differently. :wink:

Many of these software issues are simply because they don’t run natively on another platform…

I only pay for a couple of applications (but I try to donate to Debian/Ubuntu development yearly) one of which is Lightburn…


Screen Shot 2023-03-12 at 9.40.19 PM

Note the gaps between the black lines and the blue:
The blue is a cut layer, the black is engrave. In original image those black lines touched or intersected the blue. I used the eraser tool to erase a very thin part of the black lines.
In the finished laser engrave/cut you won’t even see the gap.
Does that help any?
BTW: This image is way larger than actual.

I don’t have problem with LightBurn on my Mac computers (have five). I have been using PhotoShop since it was version 3 or 4 so I am more familiar and comfortable with it than trying to figure out some of the many things I don’t know in LB plus our youngest daughter is a Graphic Artist and knows and understands PS and AI more than I ever will. I just ask her for info when I need it.
To me “nodes” in LB is cumbersome although I use it quite a lot.

It looks like something that is traced in LightBurn (not with a center line)?, it gives me a picture of what you are fighting with in any case :wink:
It’s manual labor, a lot, but still, I do it in LightBurn. Here is my workflow.

How do you do it?

Just goes to show, there is always more than one way to do things.
Have a great day my friend.

Does your comment relate to the skinning of cats? :rofl:


Another clean-up tool I use often is ‘Tools > Select shapes smaller than selection’ - it’s REALLY handy for cleaning up traced artwork.