Eraser Tool option?

Been struggling with a design recently . It required the trimming of a circular path. I had some success with the break apart function although you seemingly have little control of the break function and where it breaks . Also adding nodes changes the shape of the section and the curved shape of this particular design is important. All I needed was a trim function or eraser tool preferably. The only option I could do was export, edit and then import again. Anyone got any work around a please as this has cropped up a few times for me now .

Doing this on a circle was my main issue.

Thank you in advance .

Adding nodes shouldn’t change the shape. Can you show an example of where it did?

Break function works only on nodes - Insert a node where you want to break the shape, and then break it there. I don’t have a Trim tool yet, but it is planned.

I will give that ago and try and get an example up for you to see also. So are you stating that if I place two nodes on the circle then break apart I can delete in-between the two nodes .

Original on left, edited results on right.


In ‘Edit Nodes’ mode, hovering over the segment “I” will insert new nodes, then use “D” while hovering over the segment you want removed.

Thank you for your help, this allowed me to complete the project :-)/

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