Eraser will there be one

Will there be an eraser in the future? Something that can erase part of a line, image fill or anything.

You can do this several ways. With node editing you can add nodes, delete segments, delete nodes, trim shapes where vectors intersect, etc.

It has NO nodes I would have done that.21ear.lbrn (287.5 KB) I put in some extra cut lines but I wanted to make the stems on the leaves a little thicker it was downloaded a DXF file

Nodes exist in all vector files, period. You have to ungroup the shapes to edit them. I couldn’t understand what the extra cutting lines were supposed to do, so I removed them, selected all the interior shapes, and offset everything inward by 0.25mm to thicken it up:

File is attached: 21ear.lbrn (365.0 KB)

I see why you wanted to enlarge the leaf stems and branches. They’re so brittle. :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it ungroup to edit, the extra cutting lines were to HOPEFULLY stop the leaves from breaking, helped a little but not enough.

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