Erasing portions of circles

In he design process, when we have created a circle as a part of the design, how do we erase a portion of that circle ?

  • Select the circle
  • Edit → Convert to path
  • Start the Edit Nodes tool
  • Add & delete nodes or arcs as desired

When you delete a node, you get an arc connecting the nodes on either side.

When you delete an arc, you get two end nodes.

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There are other options to remove a portion of the circle.

Because it’s a closed shape you can use the boolean operations and subtract other shapes from a circle.

What is your circle ‘up against’ that you want to remove a portion?

There may be a really elegant solution for this.

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Thank you so much, for that !!!
I was just shy of going for a bigger hammer :crazy_face:

Hey John,

From time to time, I get requests for specialized wooden commemorative coins that will require a portion of the circle to be the cut line and other parts are just part of the whole design…

In that case I would need to break the continuous line into segments…

Thanks for the input…



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