Error:1 G-code error


G-code words consist of a letter and a value. Letter was not found.

On or near line 6:

Job halted

How to fix

Have you added any commands to the ‘Start GCode’ block in your Device Settings? If so, they may not be valid. Try removing them.

You should also verify that your device type is set to GRBL, by the following steps:

-Click “Devices”
-Double click your laser in the list
-Change the selected device to ‘GRBL’ if it is not already
-click next until you’re done

If neither of those things work to resolve your issue, please save and upload your GCode here (‘File’ > ‘Save GCode’), so we can take a look. Change the extension to ‘.txt’ in order to upload it here. If the GCode checks out, it’s possible this is a communication issue.