Error 9 stop me work with Orturo

I know you’ve written a lot about Error 9, but still. If I use the laser for engraving, it works fine. if I cut a plate, the laser almost always waits at the same place and says error 9. I have read everything possible, tried almost everything, but the error keeps coming back to me. I am powerless.

Error 9 is an indication of alarm state. It’s not the error itself. There’s likely something earlier on that’s the real issue. Can you copy all of the Console messages including prior information and save as a .txt file and then upload here?

You’re getting a shock and movement error. This means the controller perceives that there has been movement to machine and has decided to stop for safety reasons.

If you can confirm there is no such movement it’s likely that the sensor is too sensitive.

You have a few options:

  1. Update the firmware. Newest version resolves a number of issues and also reduces the sensitivity of the sensor. That might be enough to avoid the issue:
    Ortur – Firmware Repository – Ortur
  2. Decrease the sensor value - Enter $262=400 in Console
  3. Somehow secure the laser to a more stable surface

I’d recommend updating the firmware regardless. You may want to consider option 3 depending on your circumstances.

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