Error loading lightburn while working


i think with the new update, i have a small error.
iam using lighburn with the laser, and if i double click on other job of lightburn at this moment he doesnt ask me if i want to save the actual job, and it goes directly to the other job.
And my actual work is still going…
i dont think so that i have change any settings.

best regard
thank you

I think that might be normal. What are you expecting to happen instead? I think as long as you don’t have pending changes it won’t ask you to save.

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before lightburn hould ask me if i wanted to save the job. now lightburn goes above my atual job and the laser keep doing the last job, but with a new job on the screen

maybe iam just confusing things lol

Did you make unsaved changes? If so, I agree. But if you already saved then I don’t think it will ask you again. And yes, it will continue to burn the previous job as that’s already in queue.

Not sure if this behavior is different but I’ve definitely seen it before. Pretty sure I saw it in 1.0.06 but can’t say for sure.

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