Error message after moving

We moved recently and changed internet providers and now I’m getting an error message stating that my product key has expired or my system time has been tampered with. I’m able to continue just by clicking ok. What should I do to get rid of this message?

You should update past 0.9.04. :slight_smile:

With the expiry date of your key, the last version you can install & use if you choose not to renew is 0.9.14:

Your license key is expired, but the error it’s showing wasn’t intended, and is fixed in newer releases.

If I update will all my saved files still be there or do I need to save them somehow first ?
Do I just download then click “open”?

None of your saved files should be affected. And yes, you’d just download the appropriate version for your OS (likely the Windows 64 bit version) and double-click it or open.