Error message question

Anybody have thoughts on why I’m getting this error message? “Transfer failed. There was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused.”

It happens after I have used the ‘frame’ feature. When I click ok, it runs fine until next tome when I try ‘frame’ and ‘start’ again.

This is happening with a Shapeoko? Do you see any errors or messages in the console?

Yes, sorry I didn’t mention that – it’s with the Shapeoko, and I don’t see any messages in the console. Again, as soon as I click ‘OK’ I’m able to run the file. I also happens randomly - even with the same file. I haven’t yet figured out why it’s random…

That message will happen if I send a command to the controller and it doesn’t respond. Is it possible your USB port went to sleep? As in, does this happen when the machine has been idle for some time, or just randomly even while you’re actively using it?

Ok, I was just able to recreate the problem. Very small, simple file. Click the following…Fire, Shift/Frame. When finished framing, click Start. Then the error pops up. Hope this helps.

Ok, this isn’t because of framing, it’s because the Fire button is on.

When you click the Start button, it sends the commands to turn off the beam, but is not waiting for that to complete before it tries to run the job, and the laser is still processing the commands when it tries to send the job code, so it ejects. If you hit Start again, immediately, it would work. It will also work if you don’t turn the Fire button on - the Frame with Shift works without that.

I’ve fixed this and it will be in the next release.

Thanks for your thorough explanation. It is certainly not an issue that I cannot live with. Keep up the good work!

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