Error message undecipherable

I have a Chinese 60W laser cutter with a Ruida controller. I am getting a strange error message that is not helpful in figuring out what is wrong. This is what it says in a yellow box: “Need more overshotting or larger acceleration!” That is not a typo. That is how the message reads.

I have played around with acceleration numbers in machine settings, but nothing changes what happens. The file starts to etch, then quits at the same place (about 10% into the project) each time I try it.

I am new to this so if the answer is obvious, please have patience.

Curiously, I had done something with this project that I did not do before. I ran a trace on the original image instead of just etching directly from the jpeg. As an experiment, I loaded up the original jpeg and it appears to be cutting just fine. So it is something about the project. I would still like to know what that error message means.

move the object you are cutting away from the edge of the frame .

Is it possible that when you traced it you ended up with some tiny (invisible) artifact that’s off to the side and making your drawing larger than it should be? If you select everything (ctrl A) is the selection box bigger than you would expect?

They likely mean ‘Overscanning’ or overshoot - When the laser is engraving, it takes extra space on the sides to get up to speed before the engraving starts, and slow down and reverse after the line is done. If you position the work too close to the sides of the machine, the overshoot distance could mean hitting the rails.

If the job is round or wider in the middle than at the start, that would explain why you don’t get the error immediately. Increasing the acceleration or reducing the speed will both reduce the amount of overshoot space required.

Thank you. That makes perfect sense.

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