Error msg then alarm and stops

Getting error msg of “cut might be out of bounds” every time i press start but it has been working fine it I answer YES to continue anyway, until today Now when I say yes to continue it starts the burn then I get an alarm, it stops and says "left limit reached

I am using an XTool d1 pro

You might try ctrl +A on your project to make sure there is nothing else outside of your file.

tried but there is nothing

I have “cut selected graphics” on.Start from is set user origin with the center position selected.

how are the boundries set? When it says Cut might be out of bounds" what setting is that refering to?

Out of bounds of work area. What does get position report when you are homed?

Not sure what you are asking. It moves the laser to the upper left corner and the screen shows that position as home.

Is there a way to move the head manually to show Lt Burn where the limits are?

In your move window at top should be X0, Y0 at home. Set your work area here.

I guess what I am asking, How does Lt burn set the limits to the work are and how do you adjust those limits?

I don’t have those options in the move window

Your move window looks like this?

yes it does

Home it and click get position. What does X, Y report?

0,00 and o.oo

You can change the workspace from the ‘Device Settings’ window for the selected Device Profile. Click ‘Spanner / Screwdriver’ icon near top-center.

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