Error on Omtech 60W Ruida: "Jog Distance is 0, please reset"

My Ruida controller is reading “Jog distance is 0, please reset”. and also “Please ECS”. When I hit ESC and try to jog again, the message reappears. - The Ruida screen shows red lines separating information rather than black. Needing information on how to start jogging again and what the red lines indicate. Note: The bottom right corner shows “Manual Slow”.

Which Ruida Controller does your machine have? Are you sure it is a labeled Ruida and not a rebranded (such as a Ryxon KT332N running a firmware older than version 23.01.06)? Do you have homing enabled? Have you changed your settings? Is this a new issue that you have not ever had before (has the machine historically not had this problem)?

You can either update your Ryxon controller’s firmware to 23.01.06 resolve this problem or switch the controller’s jog mode to continuous.

Is this what your controller looks like:
KT332N standalone laser cutting and engraving system-长沙市睿信智能科技有限公司 (

That is the same controller. (But I’m not sure if it’s rebranded or not.) My machine is new (6 weeks) and so am I, but this error message wasn’t always on the controller. The settings have probably been changed through trying to correct the error message. How do I switch the controller mode to continuous? Thank You. -

How did you fix this? The same error popped up on my OMtech last night. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

All of the necessary information and resources have been provided in this post. Have you reviewed the instruction manual?

Edit: Link died up there. Try this manual.

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