Error on x axis - XMotion error:c0150010

I started having an issue yesterday with my x axis either not moving or shaking uncontrollably. I remember this happened not long after I installed the 40watt laser, but a firmware update on the xTool D1 Pro board resolved it. I’ve unseated, reseated connections on the motor, power cycled, and nothing seems to work. belt tension “feels” good, but I don’t know how to measure whats good and not. I suspect it has something to do with the signal being pushed to the stepper?

xTool D1 Pro
40Watt Laser
Lightburn v 1.3.01

For anyone that comes across this in the future - my fix was to rewire the connector that between the X Axis motor and the board. There was a poor connection. Once I did that, everything was good.

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