Error when trying to Preview on V1.1.01

I’m getting a troubleshooting error message when trying to preview my work. example
“Layer 0 (C00) has a line speed that is the same or faster than the fill speed” any layer that i choose a fill+Line I get the same message. This only happened after I ugraded to V1.1.00 and V1.1.01. I never had to enter a separate line speed on the previous version of Lightburn so being very new at this I’m completely lost,

meme soucis sur ruida

same problem on ruida

I have exactly the same problem, but in addition, the line + fill strategy doesn’t work for me

It’s just a warning, not an error. Run it.

I can still preview and or engrave by hitting continue, but as an example fill speed is set at 1400 and on the advance line tab the line speed Shows 6000. I just need to know if I’m suppose to change that line speed or just continue on…

It depends on what kind of machine you’re using.

Generally speaking, if you are engraving at 1400mm/min, your machine will likely shake itself to bits or skip badly if you try to run sharp-cornered vector shapes at 6000 mm/min, which is why the warning was added.

It’s just a warning…but I’m trying to run a materials test and the troubleshooting window is taller than my screen so I can’t get to the OK button to continue.

Please show a screen capture of what you are seeing. Can you grab a corner and resize that window, that might help you dismiss that warning message dialog?

I can grab the title bar and move it, but don’t seem to be able to grab corners, sides etc. Nor can I scroll it to get to the bottom of it…

X out of that (at the top), then change the “Line after Fill” speed to be lower than the fill speed. It is exceedingly rare for someone to want the line speed to be faster than the engraving speed.

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