Errore lb

LBERROR …soluzione ???

It is useful to indicate:

  • The context of the error ?
  • The version of LB 9…? (32, 64 ?) (you dit it, ok)
  • The machine ?
  • The Laser type ?
  • The type of device used (GRBL v?)
  • The Windows operating system? 32bits 64 bits 64 bits ?

Tip: Under Windows, most error messages can be automatically copied to text, avoiding the need to make a graphic screen copy.
Click once on the error message window, then paste CTRL+V in the destination window (mail, forum)
(This does not work with all programs, but almost all programs)


l’errore lo fa quando fò l’anteprima di taglio . postazione di elaborazione grafica , poi il file viene inviato ad un portatile collegato al laser ! Questo avviene dopo l’aggiornamento alla versione 0.9.

In this case I believe the message is displayed as a graphic, and has given me enough info from the trace to track down the issue. It also says “send a screen shot of this” so while I’m not totally disagreeing with you, he’s done what was asked.