Ess Smooth Stepper and MACH4

Will lightburn work with my CNC Machine, I have ESS Smoothstepper and MACH4

Grab the trial and find out. There is a gcode version that should, in theory anyhow, be able to output gcode that can be ran in Mach. There isn’t a post processor for LB though, so your mileage my vary. The output gcode might be affected by the machine you choose to setup LB for as well. And if you don’t feel like trying it out, I’m sure someone with more knowledge of the subject will chime in eventually.

No - Mach4 is the laser controller in this case, and LightBurn won’t communicate with it. You could possibly use LightBurn to generate GCode that would be compatible, but I do not know if the SmoothStepper will drive PWM properly for a laser. Mach3 couldn’t - it assumes a spindle, and changes the PWM output much too slowly to be used for lasers. Mach4 might be different.

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